We imagine a world where our children are eating lunches packed full of real food, where plastic wrapped snacks are a thing of the past and where parenting isn’t about out-perfecting, but inspiring community and connection.

We created PlanetBox because we believe small acts can have a huge impact and that healthy habits start at home. Our lunchboxes were designed to make it easy to fill up on real food while using fewer disposable bags and containers. That way, our children can learn to care for themselves and their planet from the start.

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Instagram post 2248964353216842940_220703765 Chip chip hooray, it’s Friday! Let’s scoop up some salsa and get the lunch fiesta started! {📷:@lalalunchbox}
Instagram post 2248235694826974137_220703765 You bread-a believe it! Though a plain bagel, this lunch is everything! {📷:@ohbentobako}
Instagram post 2247515659623759145_220703765 When you're feeling bogged down by the winter blues, lighten up your lunch with some radiant green hues {📷:@winnyhayes}
Instagram post 2246802244324387594_220703765 🎈The most adorable pick-me-UP created by @lunchboxdad