We imagine a world where our children are eating lunches packed full of real food, where plastic wrapped snacks are a thing of the past and where parenting isn’t about out-perfecting, but inspiring community and connection.

We created PlanetBox because we believe small acts can have a huge impact and that healthy habits start at home. Our lunchboxes were designed to make it easy to fill up on real food while using fewer disposable bags and containers. That way, our children can learn to care for themselves and their planet from the start.

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Instagram post 2280094982750682594_220703765 Have you heard? Porch picnics are a thing now and they're all the rage! {📷:@granddish}
Instagram post 2279372705079982509_220703765 With so many uncertainties in the world right now, our routines are disoriented and every day brings us new challenges. Consider this as a reminder that it is okay to adopt new habits that work for you in the current moment. Although we're all striving for bigger goals, our daily choices matter the most! 💚
Instagram post 2278646888255238385_220703765 🥕All #EarthMonth long we are challenging ourselves (and you) to reduce our carbon footprint by eating more #plantbased meals. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you! These dog-less buns swap out the beef for meaty, vitamin rich carrots and frankly, it's better than the real deal. Link in bio for recipe & directions!
Instagram post 2277924819234386452_220703765 ♻️This year, Earth Day is celebrating its 50 year anniversary! On the blog, we're sharing a month's worth of ways you can care for the planet. Download our calendar to keep track of your progress, inclusive of hands-on activities the whole family can join in on! 👉 Link in bio to get started on your #EarthMonthChallenge!