Open Innovation

We believe a great idea can come from anywhere – and that anyone who has a great idea deserves to be heard.

Lifetime Brands is a global company, with existing international operations in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, and China. We deliver product across all channels of distribution: from warehouses, clubs and department stores to electronic retailers, direct-to-consumer, and specialty shops.

Innovation has been at the core of our culture ever since we filed our first patent in 1945. Today, Lifetime owns over 140 design and utility patents. This steady track record of bringing innovative products to the marketplace has established Lifetime Brands as a trusted product innovator. Lifetime’s in-house design and development teams currently consist of over 100 professional designers, artists and engineers.

Utilizing the latest available design tools, technology and materials, these teams create new products, redesign products and create packaging and merchandising concepts. They draw inspiration from every facet of modern lifestyles to create kitchen products as functional as they are beautiful.

Our Brands

Consumers have come to trust and recognize the nationally known brands that are part of the Lifetime family of products. Currently, Lifetime has more than 25 of the top names in kitchenware and tabletop, including Mikasa, KitchenAid, Farberware, and Pfaltzgraff.

Open Innovation Network

We openly welcome and embrace product ideas and inventions from external sources. That means from people just like you. We’re here to develop your great ideas into products sold in stores around the globe.

Through our Open Innovation Network, we’ve brought dozens of products from outside inventors to market, and their retail sales are approaching $50 million. We’re here to not only supply the expertise, resources, and manpower, but also provide the ultimate collaborative environment for you and your idea.

We’re a home for your inventions, and we work with inventors to take your idea from concept to completion.

Success Stories

Through our Open Innovation program, Lifetime has brought dozens of products from outside inventors to market with retail sales approaching $50 million. We have a proven track record of bringing both basic and more advanced product concepts to life with innovative features and precise engineering.


Tom Risch from Connecticut, inventor of Misto, The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer, already had an established product and partnered with Lifetime Brands to take advantage of our advanced design team and established sales network. With new features, alternative materials and trend-right pattern designs, over one million units have been sold to  date. Plus, new variations of the original concept are introduced each year.


Thaddeus Alemau from New York had the ingenious idea of creating an Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen by sandwiching a carbon filter between the existing mesh screens. Lifetime Brands designed this washable splatter screen that captures odors from foods such as fish and bacon while still allowing steam to escape for crisp results. Several variations of this product were developed across


What is open innovation?

Open innovation exists when companies explore product ideas that come from outside inventors. Lifetime Brands develops over 5,000 new housewares products each year, but believe that great product ideas can come from anywhere – and that anyone who has a great idea deserves to be heard. Through our open innovation program, we are able to explore such ideas with outside inventors and have the resources to bring them to market.

Why should I submit an idea to Lifetime Brands?

Lifetime has built a reputation for being inventor-friendly and helping to bring ideas to market utilizing our talented design professionals and extensive sales network. We sell our products to specialty stores, department stores, national chains, mass merchants, warehouse clubs, home centers, supermarkets and off-price retailers, as well as directly to consumers through the Internet.

What types of ideas is Lifetime Brands looking for?

We’re looking for new product ideas and innovative enhancements to existing products that solve a problem or improve the performance of existing products. While not required, any patented ideas, market research, CAD drawings and prototypes will greatly enhance our ability to evaluate your idea and explore the opportunity with you.

My idea is not patented, can I still submit it?

Absolutely. Patented ideas are easier to evaluate and could drastically speed up the amount of time it takes to bring your product to market, but we realize that inventors are at different stages of development.

What can I expect after submitting an idea?

Every idea will be evaluated by Warren Tuttle, an authorized representative for Lifetime Brands and President of the United Inventors Association. Warren has extensive experience working with inventors and will provide feedback on your idea. Based on his expertise, he will let you know if your idea meets our criteria, give feedback and determine whether your idea is ready to be shared with Lifetime Brands.

What is the relationship between Warren Tuttle and Lifetime Brands?

Warren Tuttle is an authorized representative for Lifetime Brands. His passion for innovation, deep knowledge of the steps required to make an idea into a reality, and successes working with inventors made him the perfect partner for Lifetime Brands’ open innovation program.

Do all submitted ideas get shared with Lifetime Brands?

All submitted ideas will be evaluated by Warren Tuttle to ensure they fit within Lifetime Brands’ categories and they offer functionality that is unique to the industry. If ideas do not meet these criteria, Warren will let you know and offer advice on what your next steps should be to get them to the point where they can be shared with Lifetime Brands.

What happens if my idea is shared with Lifetime Brands and they want to make my product?

If Lifetime Brands is interested in producing your product and wants to enter into a licensing agreement with you, Warren Tuttle will work with you on each step of the process.