Genuine Fred

Genuine Fred

FRED focuses on well-designed stuff that solves a problem, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. We delight in taking everyday, functional products and turning them into something fresh and unexpected, something funny, something personal.


Tools & Gadgets

Genuine Fred's Kitchen Tools & Gadgets collection brings fun and functionality to your culinary adventures! Each piece is cleverly designed to add a splash of whimsy and efficiency to your cooking and dining experience. Discover tools that are not only practical but also instill joy in the kitchen, making every meal a delight.

Spice + Pantry

Spice up your kitchen with Genuine Fred's Spice & Pantry products, where each item marries innovative design with practical use. From quirky spice containers to creative pantry organizers, these essentials transform kitchen clutter into a display of style and efficiency. Get ready to elevate your cooking and organizing game with a touch of Genuine Fred’s charm


Genuine Fred's Gift & Novelty collection offers a treasure trove of unique, amusing items perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a laugh-inducing gift or a distinctive piece to express your personality, these products blend humor with functionality. Dive into a world of quirky surprises that guarantee a smile with every find!